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TG-8 liquid glass screen protector
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TG-8 liquid glass screen protector
Product Name:TG-8 liquid glass screen protector
Product Model:TG-8 liquid glass screen protector

Product Model: TG-8 liquid glass screen protector
 1.[Full Glue Liquid Tempered Glass with UV Light]
 2.[Easy to remove if you want to exchange new screen protector ] (some of the market can not tear off, the smell is serious, easy to overflow glue).
 3.[colourless and odourless] Better than others in the market.sensitive touch
 4.[High quality] Scratch-resistant,explosion-proof,Ultra clear protector, anti-fingerprint ,anti-glare,no white edge,Zero Bubbles,5.5hours Tempering ,The hot bending glass is accurate in data, hot bending effect is good, plasma spray oil, explosion proof safety.
 5.[Faster curing time] UV light with 5/6 lamps only 1 minute can finish with better curing effect, shorter curing time, less than 1 minutes, stronger light intensity than on the market (five lamps of our products, three general lamps on the market).
 6.UV lights with USB port very convenience,no battery easy to transport ,Also you can use again and again .
 7.High quality Japaness Glass

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